Blues man Bobby G has the blues ingrained in his soul. Born Robert Lee Gray, Bobby grew up on a plantation in Winterville, Washington County, Mississippi.

At the age of 7, he was put to work in the cotton fields. Everybody in the area worked on a cotton farm.  Life was hard. Most people were poor, and Bobby was no exception.  But cotton wasn’t the only thing Bobby began early.  Living in such close proximity to the likes of BB King, Mississippi Slim and Bobby Bland, he was bitten by the blues bug.  By age 11, he was frequenting juke joints.  Bands would come from nearby Greenville to play in Winterville.  If he could scrape together enough money, Bobby would go inside to see the show.  If he didn’t have the money, he listened from outside, and dreamed of trading the cotton hoe for a microphone.  Bobby recalls a time when he was 15, looking around and seeing “the sky go down to the cotton, and the cotton go up the sky.”  He prayed “Lord, is there anything else for me?” Shortly thereafter, his uncles came to visit from Toledo, and he asked if he could go back north with them.  When they were ready to leave, Bobby hopped in the car with only the clothes on his back and headed to a new life in Toledo.  There, he worked a variety of odd jobs including dishwashing and construction before landing a job with the city of Toledo.  Bobby worked his way up through the ranks for 39 years before retiring. His job with the city provided for his family, but Bobby’s passion was singing the blues.  Being inspired by the juke joint singers of his youth, Bobby cut his teeth in the local clubs – The Green Lite, Anglers, Walnut Room, the Peacock and many others around Toledo, Northwest OH, and Southwestern MI. He sang mostly on weekends whenever he could until 1980, when his son was born.  For several years, he took a break from music to be there for his son’s school and sports activities.  Then in the late 1990’s, he began singing again.  Throughout the years, Bobby has been the featured singer for several bands including; Creation of Soul, Big Boz Bluz, and Curtis Jr and the Midnight Rockers, as well as having his own band, Bobby G and Friendz. Bobby has a unique sound with powerful blues vocals and an energetic style.  Since retiring, Bobby has longed to share his music with a wider audience.

With Johnny Rawls’ guidance and artistic expertise, and John Henry’s vision, the great musicians who contributed their skills & soul, Bobby G emerges on “Still Standing” as the authentic Mississippi blues man he was born to be.